Bodybuilding And Steroids For Women

The popularity of bodybuilding has not been limited to the male gender. Women have also taken to this extreme type of physical conditioning, muscle growth and power enhancement. Although men bodybuilders reign supreme in the public’s eye, this does not hinder female weightlifters to press on despite the odds.

Bodybuilding has become synonymous to steroids. Anabolics are needed to attain those jaw-dropping cuts, bulging muscles and infinitesimal waistlines. However, the effects of bodybuilding coupled with anabolic steroids are more disadvantageous to women than to men.

Ms. Olympia is the stage where female weightlifters show off and compete in their best of forms. A win here is a declaration of supremacy in muscles, body shape and extremely developed physique. However, such a triumph lasts only for a moment until the effects of anabolic steroids on the female anatomy starts to kick in.

In the case of Ms. Olympia 1993, first runner-up, Denise Rotkowski, the horrifying effects of steroid use were obviously seen in facial manifestations of a beard, mustache and a protruding jaw. These ill effects were witnessed by the public years after she quit bodybuilding and went off the grid. She could have been easily named Dennis and not Denise.

Candice Armstrong no longer looks feminine after years of using steroids for bodybuilding purposes. Bodybuilding has indeed changed her life in more ways than one. Her use of anabolic steroids have caused  her to  grow hairs on her face, her once plumped breasts are now dangling and sagging and her clitoris has transformed into a huge bump  looking like a male organ. However, despite all these tragic physical manifestations, Candice continues to take steroids.

It is not only the outside features of a woman that are altered by anabolic steroids. It goes deep down to the swelling of the clitoris and a dysfunction n her capacity to have a child. There is no telling that if one stops taking these substances, her body will go back to its normal production of female hormones. These negative consequences of steroids on women may be irreversible.

When the race for physical supremacy started among men, the female race also took it upon themselves to join in the competition of bodybuilding not knowing that such a membership will be costly. The Adonis physique is embodied by a male representation for the reason that men are expected to have those muscles and the much needed strength for their mandated tasks. Women are to perform totally opposite assignments to perfectly compliment those of the male gender. To divert and forcefully embrace a role that is not meant to be owned would surely lead to regrets and irretrievable losses.